Conquer Ninja Warrior
Gym Type: Dedicated
Gym Specialties:
7000 Washington Ave S
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
(952) 378-1285

If you’ve ever wanted to learn or wondered how hard American ninja warrior is, here is your chance to find out! Challenge yourself on our indoor American Ninja Warrior replica obstacles! We offer varying degrees of difficulty from beginner thru advanced. Lots of dynamic moves! Run up the warped wall, try the Salmon ladder, Spyder Wall, unstable bridge just to name a few. Learn the techniques to be the next American Ninja Warrior! Or start to learn how to build the strength to perform the obstacles. Build your strength, endurance, and confidence while having fun! Come try it out today! You'll have a blast!

We have a gauntlet of 20 of the most popular American Ninja Warrior obstacles open to who ever wants to try and learn.


2017-02-24UNAA Area Qualifier
2017-01-06Adult Partner Ninja Competition
2016-10-15Youth Ninja Warrior Competition
2016-02-27UNAA Area Qualifier


We don't have any records of obstacles for this facility.