NOTE: This is a private course, so the location on the map is only approximate. Please contact the course owner for more information.
  • Shaun Summers (Owner)
ArkanSasuke Training Course and Bootcamp
Gym Type: Private
Gym Specialties:
Fort Smith, AR 72901
(479) 434-4689

Obstacle course Includes: -salmon ladder -double salmon ladder -unstable bridge -quad steps -spider jump -flying bar -jumping bars -tarzan rope swings -rope junction -30+ board cliffhanger -chain seesaw -double pipe slider -peg hang (imitates the roulette cylinder) -peg grasper(imitates the door knob grasp) -peg board -peg exchange -warped wall -balance tank -spider flip -globe grasp -floating boards -vertical limits -pole maze -rolling escargot -and much more!


2016-11-04ArkanSasuke 2016
2015-08-14ArkanSasuke 2015


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