• Patrick Hall (Owner)
Hybrid Fitness Buffalo
Gym Type: Dedicated
Gym Specialties:
475 Ellicott St
Buffalo, NY 14203

Once upon a time a Vision was realized. A fitness community was created in Downtown Buffalo where the friendliness and support of the staff was matched by each and every member. A place where anyone can go and feel comfortable while working on becoming their best self. This a gym without notion, status, or judgement, where daily challenges are met and the progression is contagious. Dare to tap your potential…


2016-12-03Buffalo Ninja Warrior 9: Winter Warrior
2016-10-15Civil War
2016-06-25Buffalo Ninja Warrior 7
2016-03-12Buffalo Ninja Warrior 6
2015-12-20Buffalo Kid's Ninja Warrior 1
2015-10-10Buffalo Ninja Warrior 5
2015-07-25Buffalo Ninja Warrior 4
2015-03-21Buffalo Ninja Warrior 3


We don't have any records of obstacles for this facility.