• Dave Cavanagh (Owner)
  • Jenny Lawler (Owner)
TA Fitness
Gym Type: Dedicated
Gym Specialties:
54 Mathewson Dr
Weymouth, MA 02189
(781) 812-9232

What obstacles do we have? Warped Wall , 14 and 8 foot, Salmon Ladder, Lache Bars, 16ft Ring Toss, Cannonball Alley, Quad Steps, 16 ft Peg Board, The Ultimate Cliffhanger, Devil Steps, Floating Doors. We can't tell you all our secrets... you just have to come in and see for yourself!


2017-08-26National Ninja League Qualifier
2017-02-04National Ninja League Qualifier
2016-08-21NENW Summer 2016: Adults
2016-02-06National Ninja League Qualifier
2015-08-08New England Ninja Warrior III


We don't have any records of obstacles for this facility.