Men's NNL Qualifiers
  • 1st Geoff Britten * Pre-Qualified
  • 2nd Yancey Quezada
  • 3rd Jonathan Stevens * Pre-Qualified
  • 4th Dave Cavanagh * Pre-Qualified
  • 5th Mike Bernardo * Pre-Qualified
  • 6th Brant Axt
  • 7th Adam Grossman
  • 8th Sean Noel
  • 9th Justin Gielski

  • Women's NNL Qualifiers
  • 1st Jesse Labreck * Pre-Qualified
  • 2nd Allyssa Beird * Pre-Qualified
  • 3rd Jessica Britten * Pre-Qualified
  • 4th Amanda Cass
  • 5th Rachael Goldstein * Pre-Qualified
  • 6th Eve Stein
  • 7th Whitney Fosco
  • 8th Tori Clement
  • 9th Jess MaCay
  • Pinnacle Parkour Cherry Hill Qualifier
    Event Date: 12/13/2015
    Age Groups: Adults
    Pinnacle Parkour - Cherry Hill
    1205 Warren Ave
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
    (855) 776-7275

    Pinnacle Parkour has banded together with several other select gyms across the country to create the National Ninja League (NNL). Athletes who compete in any NNL Qualifier will have the chance to showcase their skills and talent that they work and train so hard for throughout the year right here! Across the country, there will be a total of 12 qualifier competitions that lead up to one big National Final!

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