Adult Ninja Warrior Competition
Event Date: 08/12/2017
Age Groups: Adults
Chaos Course
1016 N Scott
Belton, MO 64012

Adult Individual Competition

This is a Chaos special. Meaning Liz will dream up 10 Ninja Events that will challenge your brain, muscles, and creativity. The 10 events will include endurance courses, speed courses, strategic endeavors, problem solving physical puzzles, and balance courses testing just how Zen your are.

Liz's goal, as always is for you to absolutely get your money's worth of the competition. You will be working for hours. Everything accumulates points, so if your crap at one aspect you may redeem yourself else where.

We will have new obstacles and never before heard of challenges. Liz has to wait until 3am visions for those anyway.

$35 for members + military
$50 for non members

We will run in two hour heats to keep your experience as smooth as possible.

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