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  • Obstacle Challenge II
    Event Date: 08/22/2015
    Age Groups: Adults
    Obstacle Warriors
    4610 McEwen Rd
    Dallas, TX 75244
    (972) 385-7467
    website facebook

    This is a 4-stage obstacle challenge. Every competitor is guaranteed to run Stage 1 and 2 and will receive a gift bag and an event shirt. Stage 1 and 2 will consist of 10 obstacles each. Competitors will earn points for each obstacle completed. Top finishers from Stage 1 & 2 will advance to Stage 3. Stage 3 will be based on time and completion. The top competitors who complete the course the fastest or go the furthest the fastest will advance to stage 4. Stage 4 is for total victory and the top 3 will win prize money based on who finished the course the fastest. If no one completes stage 4 the competitor who went the furthest the fastest wins.

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