Atomic Wars
Event Date: 06/17/2017
Age Groups: Adults
Atomic Training and Performance
1417 S State Rd 7
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317
(954) 652-1269

Event Details: During this two person tag team event, partners will be tested in two different battles (courses) allowing each team the opportunity to strategize and play to their strengths as both battles are designed to test power, agility, and obstacle skills in different ways. The teams that complete both battles the fastest will then move on to a brutal, and even more challenging, finals course. The top competitors will be the teams who completed the course in the fastest time or who went the furthest the fastest. Top 2 fastest teams in each division will then move on to finals round where both teammates will need to complete the entire course.

PRIZES: We will be awarding cash and prizes to the 1st place teams in each division: male, female, and coed.

~ Athletes may not practice the course ahead of time. To ensure this, complete course details will not be revealed until the day before the event. We will also provide course run thru day of event.
~ This is a timed course that allows only two check point opportunities to tag your partner.
~ Athletes are allowed to restart on any obstacle, but will only have two attempts to complete. Failure to complete an obstacle on two attempts will result in stopping the clock.
~ Course judges will determine whether an obstacle must be restarted.

COST: Team entry $100 includes:
(2) unique event t-shirts
(2) one hour open gym passes for teams to come in up to 2 days before the event to practice on any of our equipment.

***Additional Info***
Eligibility: Athletes must be 18+ to compete. Only 30 team slots available and we expect to sell out quick. Early registration is recommended to guarantee your chance to compete.

WARNING: This event may not be for everyone as it requires proficiency in obstacle skills including: rope climb, rigs, traverse wall, 8ft wall, cargo net, etc

Event Start Time: Because the course is designed per one team at a time, teams will be scheduled in intervals. Run times will be determined randomly and athletes will be notified of exact start time the week of the event.

HOW TO Register: Online sales have closed as we can no longer accept male/coed teams. If you have a female team that would like to compete, please email Registration officially closes May 8th.

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