APEX Ninja Team Competition 3!
Event Date: 11/20/2016
Age Groups: Adults
Apex Movement NorCal
930 Detroit Ave Suite A
Concord, CA 94518

Here are the details! Teams consisting of 5 people (one MUST be female) will compete in three rounds, after each round they will be given points based on where they ranked. At the end of three rounds, the team with the most points wins it all! Awards will go to first, second, and third.

Pre-register link will be available soon.

For the teams, come up with team names and try to look like a team (colors, style, etc). You can have your team Captain message Brian with your info.

Competitors will pre-register individually, and everyone MUST pre-register. We are limiting this competition to 10 teams, so don't wait! If you're looking for team members or you're looking to join a team, post on this event page!

Here's the breakdown for the rounds:
Round 1 - Relay style course run. A course consisting of 10+ obstacles will be broken down into pre-determined sections. Teams will assign their ninjas to each section and then participate in a timed course run. If a ninja fails an obstacle they will continue to the next one and a penalty will be added to the final full course time.

Round 2 - Speed course. A course designed for speed will be run indiviually. If a ninja fails an obstacle, their run will be over, the time will be stopped, and a penalty time will be added for every obstacle they failed to complete. The top three times from each time will be averaged together to get their team time.

Round 3 - Skills round. Teams will compete in 5 different skills challenges. Each team will decide which of their members will compete in which skill. Each member can only compete once.

Again, everyone MUST pre-register, individally. Prices are per person.
Early bird pricing from = $50
Regular Price = $60

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