Ninja Warrior Pro Training - June 2016
Event Date: 06/04/2016
Age Groups: Adults, Teens, Kids
Brooklyn Zoo
230 Bogart St
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(347) 987-3228

10:00 am (8-12 Year Olds)
12:30 pm (12-17 Year Olds)
3:30 pm (18 AND UP)

1 HOUR TRAINING ONLY (No competition)
10:00 am (8-12 Year Olds)
12:30 pm (12-17 Year Olds)
3:30 pm (18 AND UP)

The training and competition sessions are two hours each. The first hour is training, the second hour is a competition. The course is set up to be fun for any skill level to run stage one, but gets harder as you progress. Many have beaten stage one, only three have every achieved total victory (Geoff Britten, Jeff Tan, and Joe Morovsky).

You will have one shot to complete all four courses in a row - so if you beat stage one, you go straight on to stage two with a 30 second break in between. But stages two, three, and four are increasingly shorter. There will be prizes given out to each of the top three placers in each session. Each session has 25 competitors that will run stage one and because we want everyone to enjoy themselves, everyone will run the entire course, even if make a mistake along the way, but only the people that have a flawless complete will move on to the next stages.

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