• Jamie Rahn
  • Mike Meyers
  • Ryan Stratis
  • Pro Ninja Warrior Weekend V
    Event Date: 08/14/2015 - 08/16/2015
    Age Groups: Adults, Teens, Kids
    Movement Laboratory
    710 Park Ave
    Hainesport, NJ 08036

    The first and best Ninja Warrior event is back! Join us for an opportunity to meet, train and compete against the nations top finishers from American Ninja Warrior Season seven! Our gym will be hosting an collasal three day event with some of NBC's top finalist! The event will be all weekend long and have three age divisions one for kids ages 6-12 , one for teens age 13 to 17 and another for those 18 and up! The event will run $140 for the entire weekend.

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    1. Rope Swing
    2. Quad Steps
    3. Cat Leap
    4. Ropes to Nunchucks
    5. Peg Board
    6. Angle Run to Cargo
    7. Warped Wall
    8. Cannonball Alley
    9. Foam Bridge
    10. Invisible Ladder
    1. Double Salmon Ladder
    2. Ice Cream Cones
    3. Jumping Bars
    4. Peg Board
    5. Rope Jump
    6. Block Flip
    1. Roulette Cylinder
    2. Doorknob Grasper
    3. Floating Boards
    4. Cliffhanger
    5. Hang Climbing
    6. Swap Salmon Ladder